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All students take a rigorous college preparatory curriculum rooted in the liberal arts. Coursework requires four years of English, Math, and Religion and three years of Science and Social Science. Amir Institute does not track students.

All of this takes place within our distinct dual language program, which promotes proficiency in both Arabic and English. The program requires that 25% of classes be taught entirely in Arabic; the remaining 75% of coursework is taught in English.

Freshman Year courses


English 1

Fine Arts 1

(H) Algebra 1

Financial Education

Religion 1: Islamic Studies - Tawheed & Taqwa*

(H) Biology


Introduction to Technology

Arabic for Heritage Speakers 1: Introductory Grammar and Literature*


The Student Activities Department at Amir Institute High School is more than just a recreational program. Our mission is to develop the character of our student athletes and teach them the discipline of excellence.

While engaging in these sports teams, we encourage our student athletes to be role models on their teams and in their school, family, and community. Strong Islamic character, leadership skills, and work ethic are the goals for sports participation. Amir Institute will partner with the public sector to ensure our students have an opportunity to participate in a variety of sports with varied degrees of competitive and commitment levels including varsity, junior varsity, and intramural sports.

Clubs & Activities

Exploring Your Passion

The Student Leadership and Activities Program provides students the opportunity to develop leadership skills, work cooperatively with others, and grow emotionally, spiritually, and intellectually.

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