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About Us

Our Mission

Amir Institute High School provides an Islamic, college preparatory education and professional work experience to students from diverse families with limited financial means.

Our Vision

The reason for the school's existence is to advance the human and intellectual capacities, as well as the religious and cultural heritage, of the diverse families it serves. Through its Corporate Work Study Program, faith-based college preparatory education, and Arabic heritage language curriculum, the goal is to prepare students to succeed in college and to assume leadership roles in the civic, religious, business, and cultural life of our city and nation. It is our commitment that graduates become men and women for others who are open to growth, religious, intellectually competent, loving, committed to justice, and work experience.

Corporate Work Study Program (CWSP)

Through CWSP, students work for and earn a majority of the cost of their education — making a quality, college preparatory education possible for students who could not otherwise afford it. The resulting work experience, career exploration, mentorship, and networking students receive is invaluable in positioning them to succeed in college and beyond and puts them at a competitive edge against their peers.

Corporate Partners invest in the development of a diverse workforce and in our students’ futures, building qualified and talented future leadership within their company industry while providing pathways to diversity and removing institutional barriers.

How It Works

Students work in person in a four-person job-sharing team to fill one full-time equivalent position (FTE) during standard daily business hours, Monday through Thursday, for the entire academic year. Academic schedules are structured so that students work without ever missing class.

Program staff work closely with new partners to customize the program for your business needs, serving as your day-to-day contacts for all program logistics. Student employees are interviewed and receive business training with the program in preparation for work.

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