Key Staff

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Zainab Qaabidh

Founder/Executive Director

Zainab Qaabidh is the driving force behind the organization. Zainab earned an A.A.S. in Business Administration from St. Francis College, a B.S. degree in Psychology from St. Francis College, a Master's in General/Special Education from Touro College, and an Advanced Certificate above her Master’s in School Building and District Leadership from College of St. Rose. Zainab is a certified NC Victims Advocate Practitioner and Life Coach.


Zainab has 20+ years as an educator. Within those years, she has served as a social service project management and transformational leader. While working as an education administrator in both Brooklyn, NY and Raleigh/Durham areas of NC, Zainab developed a proactive empowerment program which has become the foundation for Amir Institute’s collaborative approach to empowerment. During and since her tenure as program manager, Zainab has developed a comprehensive network of personal and professional contacts with key community leaders. This will be instrumental in raising the profile of Amir Institute within the community as well as having a significant impact on fundraising activities.

Amena Jabbi

Program Manager

From the smallest mainland country in Africa to the halls of Amir Institute, Amena is a well-traveled individual who has visited multiple countries. She has become familiar with different cultures and habits of people. She has a BS in Human Development and Family Studies. Currently, she holds a Professional License in Elementary Education. She is currently pursuing her Master's Degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling. Her aspirations are to ensure families understand the importance of healthy relationships and have a sense of comfort to seek help when needed. She enjoys the outdoors, baking, and reading. She has an amazing passion for helping others.

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Brittani Clark

Education Equity Coordinator

Brittani Clark is based out of Durham, North Carolina. Brittani is currently pursuing her PhD in Educational Equity at North Carolina State University in Raleigh, North Carolina. She is an active member of MuslimARC (anti-racism collaborative) which aims to provide racial justice education and promote racial equity in Muslim communities. She serves on the board of Durham’s partnership for children and co-chair of Durham’s campaign for grade level literacy.  Brittani is a mother of five, loving wife, supportive granddaughter and an unapologetic Muslimah.

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