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Mission & Vision


Amir Institute’s mission is to provide families (from cradle to career) with the necessary tools to be successful.  Education is the key to success!  At Amir Institute, we want to ignite the leader within by ensuring all individuals are equipped with the knowledge and resources to soar in their spiritual, personal, and professional lives. This can be done through acquiring permanent residency; a multitude of job-readiness and leadership skills to empower self-awareness and self-sufficiency; and strengthening community through the ongoing support and development of businesses.


Amir Institute’s vision is to develop the pathway of academic excellence, instilling necessary tools to compete in society, acquiring employment in any profession.  We envision families learning and growing together.  It is our vision to ignite and strengthen the leader within all constituents to make the world a more positive and productive space for black lives.  Through ongoing educational opportunities, community service initiatives and advocacy, it is our overall goal to move the agenda that promotes empowerment, entrepreneurship, property ownership, and a healthy lifestyle for our current and future generations. 

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