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During 2020, we faced many challenges servicing our community.  With the commitment of volunteers and partnerships with other nonprofit organizations, we were able to provide survivors (and families) with the following:

- computer devices to stay connected

- PPE: masks and hand sanitizer

- Emergency shelter and travel expenses

- Hot meals during the month of Ramadan

- Direct cash assistance

- Weekly counseling sessions

- Parent and Me classes

- Community Cook out and festivities

- Clothes & Food Drive

- Child care

Thank you to @AllstateFDN for providing our organization with an emergency grant to help continue serving survivors of domestic violence during this pandemic. These funds have allowed us to continue our efforts of nurturing the light of survivors in our community.  

Our grant was awarded as part of $1,000,000+ in emergency grants provided by The Allstate Foundation to help provide necessary relief as the need for domestic violence services continues to rise.

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